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スパンキングと、英語で英語のスパンキングサイトを楽しめるようになる為の英語学習のブログ。 This blog is about "spanking" and English learning in order to enjoy spanking sites in English.
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The Compleat Spanker
2006年01月11日 (水) 01:30 | 編集
The Compleat Spanker
The Compleat Spanker

I think I'm going to buy this book.
It should be very interesting.


Art of Spanking
2006年01月01日 (日) 06:44 | 編集
Art of Spanking
Art of Spanking

I'm interested in buying this book now.
It seems very interesting.

Book Description
A classic tome where the heroine is introduced to the spicy pleasures of being administered- and administering- spankings! Manara beautifully and abundantly illustrates the tongue-in-(ahem)-cheek text. Luxuriously presented trade paper back in sepia and black colors and with flaps.

Customer Reviews
If you are looking for a book that will teach you how to do erotic spanking, don't look here. But if you love drawings, love women's butts, and get turned on by spanking them, then you may enjoy this book. It is all told through the eyes of a minor celebrity who meets a spanking master on an Italian train. The encounters may read a bit unrealistic but it is fiction so set aside your reality meter please. The story has a nice flow of events to it and the finale is pleasant and appropriate.

Reading this book I was taken back to the days where I received many "artful" spankings cause I was often a naughty girl and I believe when one spanks someone for punishment it is an art. You must know where on the buttocks to smack, how hard and for how long to get your message across. I now have two children of my own and both are spanked whenever they are naughty and it definitely sends a message to them to behave more appropriately in the future.

The title of this book is a bit misleading. The story line really kept dragging on and on, trailing off on points that really didn't matter. The writing was really bland and didn't capture my attention.

An exciting, tastefully erotic and beautifully illustrated piece of work by a master of drawing the female form. Although the use of various shades of red is conspicuously absent (unlike one of his "Click 2" episodes), Manara seems to want the reader to use his imagination. The text is also quite provocative--I could read it over and over, without blushing. Truly a classic in its genre!

Consensual Spanking
2005年12月29日 (木) 03:31 | 編集
Consensual Spanking
Consensual Spanking

Now I'm reading this book.

Consensual spanking is for adults wishing to indulge in a spanking relationship either for pleasure or as lifestyle choice.

Topics include:
・Why people enjoy playing spanking games
・How to conduct a spanking
・How to receive a spanking
・Spanking safely
・Organising a typical spanking session
・Positions, postures and presentation.
・Use of spanking implements
・Aspects of role-play
・Basic control techniques.
・Sensual and erotic forms of spanking
・Spanking as fore-play
・Domestic discipline.

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